Subject Leader – Lucy Wilkinson.  Supported by – Mrs Southwell.

Science is an exciting part of our curriculum.  It enables children to learn about, observe and explore the world around them.  We aim to foster positive attitudes to science by ensuring that learning is both enjoyable and relevant. Emphasis is placed on the development of scientific skills, which include asking questions, predicting, making observations and considering and evaluating evidence.  We adopt a creative approach when teaching these skills and make lessons practical and stimulating.  ‘Discovery Dog’ is used by KS1 to promote this creative approach and the children love trying to solve the problems caused by his cheeky friend, Nora.  Alongside the skills the children learn facts and information which is presented at relevant levels to meet their differing needs, allowing every child to achieve his or her full potential. We actively encourage children to work and make decisions both independently and with others.  They learn to question and discuss science-based issues that may affect their own lives or society.  Scientific vocabulary is promoted and encouraged throughout school. The science resources are continually being updated and developed to assist high quality learning. At Dimple Well we place emphasis on making science real, relevant and exciting.  Our recent science days and inspire events have proved popular and had a positive impact on the children’s learning.