School Holidays

Holidays During Term Time

Following Government legislation relating to pupil absence where all schools have been set a target of at least 95% attendance for each year. The Ossett Pyramid of Schools has come to a common agreement endorsed by each school’s Governing Body. You may not realise that a pupil who is away from school for 10 days in an academic year will only attain 94.7 % attendance. In the past you may have taken your child out of school during term time for a holiday or for reasons other than illness. From the 1 September 2011, the Governors have changed the School’s attendance policy to one of ZERO TOLERANCE: All applications for leave of absence (for any reason) should still be made in advance by the Parent/Carer to the Headteacher.  All requests for absence will be unauthorised.  Parents should understand they have no legal right to time off school for family holidays.

The Education Welfare Service will be informed of any days where:

  • Leave has not been granted and Parents still take a child on holiday.
  • A holiday is taken without requesting leave of absence.
  • Days in excess of any agreed leave are taken.

The Governors of the Schools are aware of the effect holidays taken in term time are having on overall attendance and, potentially, the achievement of students.  We would urge your support in this matter and ask you not to take your child out of school for any reason, except the most exceptional of circumstances.