“Leaders give careful consideration to pupils’ personal development. This is woven throughout the curriculum” –  Ofsted 2022  


Subject Leader – Mrs Williams

Central to our school’s ethos is the idea that each child should be recognised for their own unique qualities and attributes. We offer a safe and stimulating environment in which children can flourish academically whilst also developing their own sense of being. We hope that this will provide each child with an internal set of values that will help them to thrive in our ever changing world.

We do this through offering a broad curriculum, which along with academic subjects includes Mental Health Awareness, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Religious Education (R.E.) and British Values (BV).

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child is recognised as being of fundamental importance for the education of all children by Governors, staff and parents of our school. It is taught not only through all subjects, in particular Religious Education (R.E.) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE), but also through the school ethos and collective worship.

It supports all areas of learning and can contribute to a child’s motivation to learn. It is recognised that such development will be most successful when the values and attitudes promoted by the staff provide a model of behaviour for the children.

To support our teaching of British Values we not only promote these values through our curriculum, we explicitly teach specific values throughout the year. This helps our children to understand some key values and identify that many of the same values are important for people regardless of their background, culture, faith or beliefs.

At Dimple Well Infant School and Nursery we recognise the importance of our role in developing children’s awareness and acceptance of others. We also recognise that some of their existing knowledge or beliefs in regards to the nine protected characteristics need challenging. We do this by educating them in an age appropriate way, showing children that regardless of background they share many similarities and that everyone can be successful and achieve.

We continually review the needs of our children, our community, as well as current global issues, so that we can plan learning opportunities and experiences that will prepare our children with values for life.

We ensure that children are taught to question and challenge stereotypes. They are educated to value and respect differences; including those reflected within the nine protected characteristics. We achieve this by carefully selecting texts, story books and significant people as understudies (across all subjects). This provides our children with opportunities for discussion in order for them to learn and appreciate that differences are not a barrier to relationships, achievement or success but something to be celebrated.

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British Values

Subject Leader – Mrs R Robson


“I have enjoyed learning about people fighting for our freedom.” – Year 1.

“I don’t like that people were treated differently because they have different coloured skin or because they were ladies – like Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. That’s not how it is at Dimple Well – We LOVE everybody here.” – Year 2.

“British Values has helped us to learn about changes in history that make our lives healthier and safer.” – Year 2.