Pupil Premium

Through our approach to teaching, by giving each child what they need, we strive towards all children reaching their full potential. At Dimple Well Infant School we know our children well and are able to quickly identify those pupils who are making less than expected progress. This results in action plans being implemented and through the carefully monitoring of the school tracking systems across the school and analysing the performance of all children we ensure that no child is missed.

Our Pupil Premium funding is used to ensure children receive the very best teaching they can to maximize their learning. All our staff highly trained. High quality teachers and support staff guarantee excellence for all. One of our key priorities over recent years has been to focus on planned interventions to meet the needs of all our pupils and we strive to narrow the gap between the attainment of different groups of children in school. We robustly monitor and evaluate the impact of this work to ensure that the Pupil Premium allocation is wisely and effectively used.