“I jump in hoops and it is fun.” Reception.

“We go on the apparatus and I can climb really high.”  Reception.

“We do lots of keeping fit and it makes me feel good inside.” Year 1.

“I like jogging and skipping.  I can do hopscotch.”  Year 1. 

“We play dodgeball and it is really fun.  It is fun and I get lots of people out.”  Year 2.

“I love climbing on the apparatus and making different shapes.  I can balance really well.” Year 2.


Subject Leader – Mrs Wilkinson.

At Dimple Well we place emphasis on the importance of being active and healthy. P.E. lessons develop the three areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum – gymnastics, games and dance. We teach the children the knowledge and skills needed to fully enjoy and benefit from physical activity. They are encouraged to participate individually, in pairs or in teams in a variety of physical activities. They are given opportunity to critically evaluate the performance of themselves and others in order to improve. Lessons take place both indoors and outdoors. For the safety of our pupils jewellery is not permitted in PE lessons and long hair needs to be tied back. P.E. uniform consists of black shorts, white shirt and plimsolls. These need to be named and in school at all times.