Numeracy at Dimple Well School aims to provide children with the knowledge, skills and experiences so that they are confident and enthusiastic mathematicians. Mathematics helps children to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables them to understand and appreciate relationships and patterns in both number and space in their everyday lives. The National Curriculum and the National Numeracy Strategy Renewed Framework are at the core of our Mathematics teaching. The teaching incorporates the seven strands of learning.

The seven strands are:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Counting and understanding number
  • Knowing and using number facts
  • Calculating
  • Understanding shape
  • Measuring
  • Handling data

The Numeracy Curriculum is enhanced in many ways across the school. Children are provided with opportunities to learn and consolidate existing skills. Through creative approaches to learning, the children are supported and encouraged to use maths in real life situations. Opportunities to use ICT to support teaching and learning in Numeracy are planned for and used appropriately. The school VLE also provides opportunities for children to consolidate their understanding of Key Objectives at home.

 Maths Policy