At Dimple Well we believe that Computing is an essential part of the children’s education as it is an increasing part of our everyday lives. Each class have a set of iPads that are used to improve children’s computing skills, in addition to adding extra interest and enjoyment to their learning. This creates freedom to take learning anywhere in the school – even outside! Children also have access to wider technology such as interactive whiteboards, laptops, visualisers, bee bots and much more.

“I like when we take the iPads outside. We made a Pic Collage of flowers” Upper Foundation.
“We use the iPad in Maths. I love playing Hit the Button the best because I can do it really fast and I get better every time” Year 2.



Through our Computing curriculum, we aim to develop the necessary skills to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by the use of technology. We encourage children to express themselves using technology and give opportunities for children to present their thoughts and ideas in creative ways. Our curriculum equips children to use both computational language and thinking so that they become digitally literate and confident users of technology. We aim to embed skills that allow children to use technology in a socially responsible and safe way to develop their understanding of themselves as individuals, but also as members of the wider community.


Computing is used to support learning across the entire curriculum, although discrete lessons are also taught to develop specific skills. In the Early Years Foundation Stage children are able to demonstrate their understanding through accessing a wide range of technology independently and using it for different purposes. Children are taught to use technology in a safe and exciting way. In Year 1 and Year 2 the Computing curriculum is divided into three areas- Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy (see more information about these areas below).


Our Computing curriculum is planned to ensure a progression of knowledge and skills (see below skills and vocabulary outlined for each year group). Teachers plan lessons to meet the needs of all pupils, ensuring children are supported and challenged appropriately. Computing is monitored closely in all year groups using a variety of methods such as lesson observations, pupil interviews, work scrutinies as well as planning and attainment reviews. Teachers use this information to plan future activities, addressing any gaps or misconceptions. Next steps are also carefully planned.


Technology is a brilliant tool for learning and communicating. However, it is important children understand how to use it safely and how to deal with any problems in an ever-growing digital world. Our curriculum embeds the teaching of e-safety throughout all year groups and encourages children and parents to be safe online. Termly newsletters will be sent home with tips and updates about how to stay safe online. If you have any tips or queries regarding e-safety, please let us know.