“I love being the class photographer. I take photos of lots of interesting things” Upper Foundation
“We made our own cars in the Lego workshop and made them move using Bluetooth. It was so cool! ” Year 1
“I love using the iPads. I like going on Times Tables Rock Stars the best.” Year 2


Subject Leader – Mrs Poole, supported by Miss Morris.

At Dimple Well we believe that Computing is an essential part of the children’s education as it is an increasing part of our everyday lives. Each class has a SMART screen and a set of iPads that are used to improve children’s computing skills, in addition to adding extra interest and enjoyment to their learning.


Technology is a brilliant tool for learning and communicating. However, it is important children understand how to use it safely and how to deal with any problems in our ever-growing digital world. Our curriculum embeds the teaching of e-safety throughout all year groups and encourages children to be responsible when using the internet. Children, staff and parents sign our acceptable use agreement annually. Termly newsletters will be sent home with tips and updates about how to stay safe online. If you have any tips or queries regarding e-safety, please let us know.