At Dimple Well we believe that Computing is an essential part of the children’s education as it is an increasing part of our everyday lives. Our aim is to develop in each of our pupils the skills necessary for them to be able to use all aspects of Information and Communication Technology confidently, safely and effectively, equipping them to participate in a rapidly-changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by the use of technology. We also aim to enrich their learning and improve their communicating skills; skills which are essential for the digital world they live in.

We aim to develop the children’s ability to use Computing in Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy:

  • By knowing how digital systems work including programming
  • By creating programs and content
  • in finding, selecting and using information
  • by learning about esafety
  • to apply their skills and knowledge to their learning in other areas
  • for effective and appropriate communication
  • to develop their language and communication skills


At Dimple Well each classroom has an interactive whiteboard which is used to improve the children’s Computing skills in addition to adding extra interest and enjoyment to their learning.  There is a desktop computer in each classroom and a trolley of laptops and also a trolley of ipads, which creates freedom to take ICT learning anywhere in school – even outside!