Year 1 Colne Valley Trip:

“The toasting (of bread) was fun because you got warm by the fire.” Year 1.

“I liked doing the washing on the Queen Victoria trip. I spun the wheel to wash the clothes.” Year 1.

“I enjoyed beating the rugs to get the dirt out. It was funny!” Year 1.


Subject Leader – Mrs Broadley.  Supported by – Mrs Robson.

At Dimple Well Infant School and Nursery we link our History teaching to our class topic work. We aim to develop the children’s knowledge of significant events and famous people in a fun way which will ignite their fascination with the past. We introduce pupils’ to historical enquiry through studying evidence, asking questions and problem solving. We promote pupils’ creativity through actively encouraging pupils to take part in role play activities and make connections to their own experiences. The children are given the chance to be a real historian by asking questions, researching, finding answers and communicating their findings with their peers. They are encouraged to research through looking in books, the internet and use relevant resources and artefacts. Through this teaching and learning the children begin to understand how past events influence their own future.