“Healthy things are apple, banana and orange. Chocolate is not healthy. We made porridge. It went in a pan. You need a spoon but you’ve got to turn the pan on. It had milk in. I didn’t  like it.” Upper Foundation

“To make it stronger I’m going to join two pieces of card.  Anything like sellotape or glue can stick things together.” Year 1

“What I find really cool is pushing a pencil through card onto blue tack. It makes a hole. You can put a split pin through it to make a lever.” Year 1

“We helped Santa get up the chimney. Well, we attached a piece of string to a stick. Then we got a plastic cup and sellotaped the rope to it. We had to have a weight on the other side. It’s called a pulley.” Year 2


Subject Leader – Miss Goodall.  Supported by – Mrs Simmons.

Children are natural investigators, inventors and makers. The technology schemes of work offer them the opportunity to put their invention to good and purposeful use.

Through Design and Technology we aim to develop children’s investigative and inventive ability and to provide the necessary skills and understanding for designing and constructing products. Our programme aims to promote children’s enjoyment in solving problems and creating simple products; to value their own achievements and those of others.

Through Design and Technology, the children are encouraged to identify, examine and solve practical problems and to make existing situations better. The children are encouraged to be inventive, using a range of materials and tools; this enables them to develop, modify and evaluate their ideas through a series of projects.