How does the curriculum at Dimple Well prepare children for the next stage in their learning journey?

At the heart of teaching at Dimple Well our intention is to provide a curriculum which is not only exciting and engaging, but ‘hooks’ the children’s imagination, drives them to apply new skills in everyday life, remember knowledge gained and have a life-long love of learning.

In simple terms, the curriculum is what the children do and learn in school. At Dimple Well, our curriculum challenges and inspires our children as a direct result of providing them with high quality, enhanced learning experiences and opportunities to achieve their full potential both academically and personally.

The staff at Dimple Well passionately believe that children are motivated to learn when they are immersed in purposeful and creative hands on activities; when they learn they are ‘geographers’, ‘artists’ and ‘scientists’, they acquire skills that are linked to the ‘real world’. They are encouraged to be individuals, problem solvers, innovators and future thinkers who are inquisitive and ask questions and enthusiastically seek answers.

The pupils at Dimple Well are provided with a wide range of direct and meaningful learning experiences which bring the curriculum to life alongside strengthening their basic skills, applying recent concepts and making memories of inspiring experiences. We achieve this through implementing a thoroughly planned curriculum, bespoke topic theme days, curriculum visits, Inspire mornings, visitors in school and projects within the Education Ossett Community Trust.

The impact of the curriculum at Dimple Well results in strong progress and attainment for our pupils. Our pupils are ambitious young people who are prepared and equipped for the next stage of their learning journey.