Art is not a self-contained subject but draws on Key Skills and the use of knowledge, skills and understanding from other subjects. Other curriculum subjects often provide the context in which Art takes place, so that pupils’ Art experience supports and reinforces their development across the whole curriculum.

Our aims are to:
• enable pupils to gain personal satisfaction and joy
provide a way of gaining self knowledge and self-confidence
• give an opportunity to express ideas and feelings in order to develop imagination and creativity
• develop skills of spatial awareness and visual aptitude
• provide problem solving and design making opportunities, enabling children to plan and execute art projects
• give the capability to use tools, equipment and materials safely
• enable pupils to become reflective of their own work and other people’s
• help develop language skills and gain acquisition of a working vocabulary relevant to the subject

The children will have the opportunity to use a range of medium including paint, pastels, pencils, fabric, collage and clay. All work is mounted and displayed to a high standard to acknowledge the hard work and effort made by the children.